Gain Freedom from
Your Loss

Without The Pain And Struggle

A Lot of People are told to "Let Go of the Past"

In Order To Move Forward...

This couldn't be more wrong.

Our Proven Process Helps You Navigate the Past
with Ease and Embrace the Present

Allowing You To Create Your Best future

Process the loss of a loved one

Freedom from guilt or regret 

Suffering from limiting beliefs?

Growing From Grief Is A Tried And True Method To Move Through challenging circumstances such as death or divorce

Without The Pain Or Struggle

Book Below And Learn How To...

Turn Your Grief And Loss Into Energy and Momentum

My job is to guide you to lasting peace with a focus on your unique experience.

Your job is to show up!

Learn How To...

Focus your love and energy on creating Your Best Future

Your next chapter is waiting...

"Jennifer helped me by helping me to understand I wasn’t leaving my husband to the side, but that I was leaving my pain.

Many people would benefit from her guidance...grievers, divorcees, job terminations, losses...

there’s just a whole host of applications.

I highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.”

- A Widow

"Jennifer inspired me to be vulnerable, honest and also get my arse in gear!

Her curiosity challenged and enabled me to take action with greater clarity and courage.

Jennifer balances incredibly kind whilst being able to cut through any crap you might be hiding behind.

This is one incredible woman, it was an absolute privilege to be coached by her."

- Joy L

"My beloved husband and father to my three children died 10 years ago.

I felt stuck in a limbo, a shadow of my former self, living an empty life on a perpetual hamster wheel.

It's only now, with Jennifer’s help that I am finding my essence, vibrancy and enjoying life again.

'Here’s To Thriving and Beyond’. Much love”

- Rohanna L


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