Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I help women, especially widowed Moms, take practical steps toward living a more fulfilled and balanced life. I’m particularly passionate about supporting widowed Moms through their grief and solo parenting so they can experience more relief in their life. I’m a Life Coach as well as a widowed Mom myself.

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Cacoon of a Butterfly

Cacoon of a Butterfly

" A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He stared and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through the little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had got as far as...

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Healing Does Not Mean Forgetting…

Healing Does Not Mean Forgetting…

Have you ever been afraid that if you heal from the loss of your spouse that you are being disrespectful to them? Or you are going to forget them? Or you "should" "get over" your grief? If you have ever had these thoughts you are not alone... The fact is that you will...

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When your Friends and Family Fail You

When your Friends and Family Fail You

It's statically proven that lack of support is a significant issue amongst widowed parents. In the initial days, weeks and if you are lucky months after losing your spouse I am sure you had an abundance of support. I was overwhelmed by how many people had offered our...

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What Are Others Saying?

I choose to work with Jennifer because I feel she is able to help me see things in ways that I can’t. I appreciate her honest opinions and direct content she brings to the sessions. The results I have had have been positive in the aspect that she is able to help me stay focused in setting my weekly goals, etc…I find the sessions to be a good way for me to evaluate how my prior week has been, and feel more confident at the end of each session with new goals for my week to keep up on. I would recommend Jennifer as a life coach to those that might struggle with having structure in their life. She is very great at helping you feel more organized and goal orientated.

Well organized and worthwhile discussion. Generated excitement and sense of peace knowing that this work will help me get to a place of fulfillment.

Alenna Langhorst

Yoga Therapist and Pilates Instructor , U R Yoga

I chose to book a session with Jennifer because she seems understanding to other people’s life issues and seems like she would be able to give good positive insight on certain situations.

Jennifer helped me by giving me a clearer sense about my situation. She helped me see things in ways I did not allow myself to see or understand.

The result was great because now I have more of a clearer understanding on some things I can do to change my current situation.

One thing I like was her Positive Attitude! I found the experience very positive, and helpful.

I would recommend working with Jennifer to people who need more guidance and clarity on situations taking place in their life.

Dale Stout


Jennifer is a grounded, compassionate and creative person.  She brings these qualities, as well as energy and passion into her coaching practice.  Her lived experience of loss makes her an excellent support for others going through a similar experience. I recommend Jennifer as a coach for widowed Moms.

Melanie McDonald

Jennifer is an amazing coach. I have benefited from her perfect combination of empathy, practical advice and experience. It is so easy to open up during her sessions and you receive so much in return.  A safe space to discuss the challenges of widowed moms and her expert guidance to explore our new context and goals. No judgment, no pressure. Jennifer has years of experience coaching and has gone through a similar situation. I strongly recommend her!

Maria Sanchez Puerta

I chose to book a session with Jennifer because I felt that by offering a taster session she was committed enough to offer me the very best of herself without taking any payment. I have never felt that therapy is appropriate for me but feel my session with Jenny was based around positivity and moving forward rather than bringing all my old pain into my world again.

Sarah E.

From the U.K.

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